Dan Fockler




A Piet interpreter written in Ruby.


A small numeric matrix manipulation library in Rust. Mostly to learn how to use traits and generic types

Crappy Lang

An interpreted Lisp-like 'programming language' in Rust, complete with a simple REPL

Writer's Saga

A collaborative writing webapp designed for multiple players to write a story together


A real-time online game board to allow multiple players to play a board game over the internet. Built dice tools, card deck tools, and drag and drop interface for image upload. Also had a room system to allow for multiple boards on the same server.

Senior Project ~ Chinese Calligraphy Analysis

Worked with group members to build a system take scanned images of calligraphy pages, segment them per character, then clean the characters and add them to a database to later be used for handwriting analysis.

Open Source Contributions

Small commits to multiple projects ~ rust, glitter, crystal, oga, scrapyd, resque-batched-job, craft-recurring-dates


Corista ~ 2019-Current

MammothHR ~ 2017-2019

Help to build and maintain a medium scale Rails & Ember application including search features using Solr and devops through AWS

Freelance Web Development ~ 2014-Current

Freelance work doing projects in both Rails & Wordpress, building out client websites

Registered Agents Inc. ~ 2014-2015

Designed, built & maintained a Ruby/Python on-demand web scraping engine & API. Responsible for API design, server administration, job monitoring, & database design.

NXNW ~ 2013-2014

Worked on a team to produce custom websites for clients in Drupal. Went through the entire development lifecycle with the team, including client meetings and wireframing meetings. Our team used the LEAN / agile work methodology.

SiteCrafting Inc. ~ 2012-2013

Built PHP templates for various client websites. Also worked on projects using PhoneGap and Xcode to port an app to iPhone and Android.

Tech Con at EWU Computer Lab ~ 2008-2012

Provided helpdesk and tech support for students in the computer lab. Also was responsible for maintaining the computers in the lab, as well as imaging and updating the operating systems on the lab computers.


Eastern Washington University ~ 2008-2012 BS in Computer Science

Graduated in 2012 with a 3.59 GPA. Some of the classes taken were C & Unix, Embedded Systems, Android Development, Relational Databases, Linear Algebra, Discrete Math, Algorithms, Data Structures, Software Engineering

Reading & Writing

Wrote: Rust HTTP Server Tutorial

Showed how to build a basic small HTTP server in Rust, helping discover some of Rust's TCP API functions.

Wrote: Dev Blog

Random ideas and tutorials about programming

Read: Practical Object Oriented Programming in Ruby

This was a great book about Ruby, OOP, Testing, and Interface Design

Read: The Rust Programming Language Book

A great document to learn Rust Programming, and a great example of technical writing

Read: Confident Ruby

A pragmatic guide to making your Ruby functions tell a better story. Lot's of practical tips to make duck typing more useful